MP3 download/ Stories of Mali and Other Tales

Recorded stories based on the stories of ancient Mali. Baba Jamal, Kenyatta Henry and others are featured on  Sundiatta. 

Stories of Mali and Other Tales



MP3 download/ Stories for the Spirit

Stories told from a christian perspective with the goal to bring strength and comfort to the spirit. 

Stories for the Spirit

Book / Stories from the Storyteller

Orginial stories written to be told to school children, Sunday School classrooms, adult audiencies in spiritual settings and for those bedtime experiences with loved ones.

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CD or mp3 download

This was recorded as a legacy to my grandchildren......My prayer is that it makes the relationship with THE CREATOR and all HIS children stronger.

Tree Stories For My Grandchildren

Stories Behind the Stories: CD
  • Stories Behind the Stories: CD

Stories Behind the Stories: CD

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COMING SOON.....A new genre for me. Personal stories that have shaped my life and changed the stories I tell and how or why I tell them.

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Check this out! The story is from Baba Jamal.

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